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Nude Fitspo mix

Welcome to another edition of mixed images featuring fit girls! If I remember right, this time it’s seventeen images NEW to this site (as this site grows bigger it’s getting harder) My fav from this mix is surely the tanned blonde lying on her back, exposing her sweet bare butt.

While we’re at butts…check this out:

Hardbody ass

Fit and nude amateurs mix

I had some free time recently and spent it browsing various places on the internet in search for unique and rare photos of fit girls ! The subject says “amateurs” but it’s there to get even more love from Google, it’s just another collection of ripped females. Not the first one, and surely not the last one, enjoy. Continue reading

Nude collection of strong girls !

Alright, I know that the title makes no sense but I do it for mr. Google and mr. Yahoo so they send even more love towards this amazing website. Also, if you can tell your friends about it, it’d be awesome too. Below is a collection of twenty fresh images with girls who love working out. It can be jogging, gym, swimming, dancing, whatever.

Now check this out:

Hardbody toys her pussy

Nikki Leigh – Fit Playmate Nude

Since I’ve got a lot of unidentifeid fitness models on this site , I’m happy to let you know that the star of today’s update is a girl with a NAME. Her name is Nikki Leigh. The beautiful 25 year old hardbody was Playboy’s Miss May 2012 ! Since then she probably worked out a lot because she’s more ripped now. Check out these pics, they’re brand new. If you want to see her video, watch it at playboy

Also I find this pretty hot:

Fitness girl masturbation

Please note that our LIVE SECTION was updated yesterday !aneyssa