Monthly Archives: January 2015

Fitness bikini model on the beach

Check out this stunning redhead showing off her fit body on the beach. She’s wearing only ultra skimpy green thong on her amazing ass and that fishnet something on the upper part of her body…where the boobs are. It’s called torso ? Sorry, but English’s not my native language 🙂

As most of you probably know this site already, but these images come from this site. As I can’t show more from this site for free, you can buy a few sets from them as a sign of appreciation, they’re rather cheap.

An ode to fitness pussy

I think this is the most stupid blog post title I’ve ever created 🙂 Other than that, here’s a new gallery full of half naked hardbody girls. Feel free to share the galleries I do with your friends,on social media and stuff. All in all I’m not making these for myself. Next update is going to be on late february as I’ll be offline for a month.

Diana Tyuleneva nude photos gallery

I’ve posted a small gallery of this beautiful Ukrainian fitness model before, so this time I’ll post a bigger one. Although she’s originally from Ukraine , she’s living in Brazil and some people call her “Brazilian fitness model” which is untrue. Below is the gallery and a few attached Vimeo movies.

And another one:

And a video posted on MuscleGirls

And a nice gif:

Ass workout

Ass workout