Tribute to fitness model Farrah Foxxx

I dedicate today’s post to the lovely fitness model – Farrah Foxxx. Unfortunately I’ve got no info about this ripped chick, just the photos/videos. There is also another model using this name and she’s kinda opposite when it comes to body type, lol. Do a search. I prefer this Farrah. If you like big tits (bolted on tits?) on a hardbody, you’re gonna love her.

First, let me start with some naked pictures, if you like’em visit AzianiIron for more

Now let’s continue with a short, but explicit video with her, again the source of this clip is here.

**Fuck , i can’t get this thing to work. Sorry, no video.***

Finally, a cool animation with a nude blonde exercising her abs. She’s most likely a cam girl.
abs training

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